One massively important factor to achieving your riding goals

I’ll be talking loads this week about how to achieve your riding and fitness goals you set yourself for the year.
Before I do that though I want to talk about one of the of the biggest factors that will affect your chances of success in your fitness and riding goals this year…
What is it?
Your WHY?
It’s easy to switch off at this point and think that it’s too ’wishy washy’ and that you ‘just want to ride your bike’
If you have goals you genuinely want to achieve this year though, the psychology behind it is hugely important.
Your why is the reason you want to achieve your goal
My aim for the year is pretty simple (and probably less than a lot of your goals). I want to ride twice a week, every week, and I want to do one indoor interval session a week. (I’ll also be doing 2 weights sessions a week).
Understanding WHY I want to achieve this though is really important when it comes to whether or not I’ll actually achieve it. My reasons?
– I want to be super fit on the bike to be an example to you guys and to help motivate you to be as fit as possible. If i’m preaching all about the 40% rule and training hard and eating right then I need to do it myself!
– I want a successful business and to be able to work long hours
everyday so that I can give Sophie, and my future family, the best possible future. To do that, I need to be fit, healthy and to have high energy and concentration levels. Riding, training and eating right is a massive part of this.
– My Grandad was a big influence of getting me into the outdoors,
I loved it as a child and I love it now. Him dieing last summer has
shown me life can be short…and I need to do what I love now (riding being one of those things)
Those 3 things MASSIVELY drive me. They are hugely important to me. They give me the drive to work hard on the bike, to eat right and to train hard.
Everyone of my successful clients knows why they are training
and what they are training towards.
So…what are your whys? Have a real good think because it’s the difference between being really motivated… or not.
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