My Most Successful Clients Do This

One thing a lot of my successful clients do. The types of clients
who have lost 5 stone. Or have a 6-pack at 64. Is always give me
a clear answer, at any time, to this question :

“What and when are you training over the next week?”

We all have busy weeks. We can start off with the best intentions but life, the kids and work can get in the way. You can get to the end of the week and instead of your 3 planned rides and one weights session, you’ve done a single rushed ride…and that’s it.

If you take the time today to plan the next 6 or 7 days of training
it will make a HUGE difference.

Just get your diary and plan when you can train and ride, and diarise it.

Factor in potential issues.

When might you have to look after the kids?
When are your busy work days?
When is date night?

Pre-empting potential issues to your training and coming up with a solution in advance makes a massive different to the chances of you actually doing all your training sessions.

The week ahead I, and my most successful clients, know to the hour when they are training. Sure, you may need to be flexible and change when​​​when you train as the week goes on, but starting with a plan HUGELY helps.
​​​​​​​My advice? Take the time right now to diarise your rides and workouts for the week.
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