How to drink beer guilt free

Where a lot of people stumble when trying to lose weight and eat better, is trying to cut out crap food completely.
It’s relatively easy to not drink or eat any ‘bad’ foods for a couple of weeks or a month, but realistically you aren’t going to manage to stick to that for a full year or two.
There are going to be times where you want a beer.
Or want a pizza.
Or want to go to a bar or pub with your other half/mates.
Losing weight (and eating right) is about finding a balance.
Rather than cutting it out indefinitely and beating yourself up if you do have anything bad, I recommend to most of my clients to have a cheat meal once
per week.
Sharing a takeaway with your other half.
Having a couple of beers with the lads
Or going for a cake and a coffee on a Saturday afternoon.
Is all cool if it’s kept in balance.
​​​​​​​Whatever your thing is, having or doing it once per week will mean that you satisfy those cravings and that itch inside you for the ‘bad’ food or drink without
​​​​​​​massively affecting your weightloss. ​​​​​​​
Most​​​​​​​ people reading this email aren’t bothered about getting ripped abs and aren’t bothered
about having zero body fat.
​​​​​​​They just want to be fairly lean and look, feel and ride better.
​​​​​​​They want a balanced lifestyle – not always living on green veg and protein!
To achieve that you need to eat well ​​​​​​​the vast majority of the time, and then allow yourself that cheat meal each week if you feel the need for it.
Remember – getting down to a good weight and getting the body fat off does take discipline.
You can’t have a couple of beers every-night and look like you want to look, and recover as well as possible.
You can’t eat crap all week and then expect to perform well on the bike on the weekend.
​​​​​​​To be as lean, full of energy and fit on the bike as you want to be you do need to graft.
But…having one cheat meal a week can factor into that weightloss plan and make it more sustainable.
Some people don’t need a  cheat meal.
My Girlfriend Sophie won’t have a cheat or drink from the 1st January right till we go away to Prague for a long weekend on 20th February.
​​​​​​​Me…I have a cheat meal each Saturday.
It’s all about A) How disciplined you can be and B) How lean
you want to get.
​​​​​​​Think honestly about what you want your life and eating
habits to be, what weight you want to be and how fit you
want to be on the bike and then be honest with yourself about whether you are on the right path to achieving that at the minute.
It’s all about balance and understanding what you want and how you want to live.
Matt Mooney
p.s. Just a side note :
There may come a point in the future where your weightloss stalls and you are still having
a cheat meal each week. Then, you may need to look at decreasing the portion of your cheat meal or cutting it out completely for a while to continue
losing weight again. You could lower your calories from healthy food in the week at this point, but this wouldn’t be optimal!
To start off with though – for the vast majority of people – you
can and will lose weight having a cheat a week.
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