Doing Anything Always Trumps Doing Nothing

Today, my bike needs to go in to the bike shop. The back wheels wobbling, so I think it needs a new bearing. And the rear brakes need bleeding (there’s no braking power from the rear brake at all)

I want to ride today, but for obvious reasons I would be stupid to hit any descents…

The issues with my bike however, don’t make it unrideable!

Instead, I’ve opted for a 15 mile canal and reservoir ride. It will be a steady pace, no descents and little climbs but I’ll still enjoy it, it will still improve my fitness and I’ll still be getting out on the bike!

On the way back I will drop my bike into the bike shop.

Sometimes, it’s possible to do something…to do anything.

Doing that, doing something, always trumps doing nothing.

Matt Mooney

p.s. This email was written at 12pm before the ride

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