Beating Cancer

A couple of years ago, a new client of mine was told he had terminal cancer and had weeks to live.
He lived with that diagnosis for a week, saying his goodbyes to his son, daughter and wife. Trying to get over how he wasn’t going to be around to see his daughter get married…
To enjoy retirement with his wife…
To go for a run in the hills again…
Or to see his grandkids grow up.
At the end of the week, he found out he had a very rare type of cancer that was potentially curable with intense treatment.
He spent a year fighting it. And won.
Before the cancer, he was very fit and into his running.
Throughout treatment he went for a walk EVERYDAY, despite
the days he was physically floored. It was his way of saying ‘f**k you cancer’ and staying in control of his fate.
He now, miraculously, has the all clear.
He’s signed up with me to train, in his words, for 2 reasons :
He has another shot at life. It’s rammed home how short life is and how you need to grab it while you can. His two reasons for training are to improve the quality of his life and the length of his life.
That’s what motivates him to train.
Live long. And live well.
What you are aiming for?
What your goals are for the
year and WHY you want to achieve them really affects your motivation for riding and training.
When you are out on the bike cold, miserable, aching and questioning WHY you decided to go out for a ride…you need a good answer!
When your alarm goes off at 5.30am for an early morning spin class, you need a damn good reason to not press snooze and turn back over!
And when you’ve only slept 4 hours, had a long day of work and are due to go for a night ride…you need the motivation from somewhere to go through with it!
Your ‘why’ is what gets you through.
It’s what provides the real, deep down drive to work hard and keep at it.
Whats your aim?
Whats your why?
Whats your goal?
If you honestly sit for 10 minutes and try to reflect on the answers, you will find it INFINITELY easier to train and ride hard.
Paul, my client, has the deepest, most emotional reason to train.
He works his arse off! And never moans.
He’s going to run the Manchester 10k for the first time since beating cancer this year.
He wants to live long.
And he wants to live well.
What’s your ‘why?’
Matt Mooney
P.S. People think motivating my clients is a one way street.
It’s not. Many of them, like Paul, motivate the hell out of me too.
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