3 areas you need to focus on to improve your riding this year

To improve your fitness and strength on the bike this year
you need to make a real, focused effort.

There are 3 main areas you need to work on

Your nutrition

Your training

Your recovery

The 3 areas work in synergy together and all of them need to be on point if you want to see real results on the bike this year.

You need to get your nutrition right.

The food you eat has a HUGE effect on your performance on the bike, ​​​​​​​your energy levels, your health and of course…your weight. I saw a quote ​​​​​​​the other day that ‘You dig your grave with your Knife and Fork’. Well you could say you earn your way to your KOMs with your knife and fork. Your food is VERY important, so give it the focus and attention it deserves this year.

The next area you need to focus on is an obvious one – your training.

There is a reason I’ve said ‘training’ here and not ‘riding’. It’s an important distinction. You want to be training​​​​​​​ in a focused way to get fitter, faster and stronger on the bike. This means you need to be having your usual MTB rides, but really pushing yourself and building up the speed and/or ​​​​​​​distance. You need to be doing some intervals at least 1x per week. And you​ need to be lifting weights (or doing bodyweight exercises) 1-3x per week. Combine these 3 areas of training this year and you will see FAR superior benefits than just riding alone in an unstructured way.

Finally, you need to make sure your recovery is good.

When you train hard, you create ‘damage’ to your body. To repair this damage, ​​​​​​​and ultimately to get stronger and fitter on the bike, you need to recover from ​​​​​​​your rides and workouts. This is done through rest days, chilling out, sleep and your food (among a few other methods you can use like salt baths, saunas etc.).

The main thing with your recovery is just to make sure you factor it into your week. You can’t train hard 7 days a week…you need to fit recovery time in to!

Focus on these 3 areas and you will see brilliant results this year 🙂

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