Review : Fork Cork

This has taken me far too long to get around to reviewing… But here I am and I can say The Fork Cork is an awesome product! It essentially a plug for the bottom of your steerer tube that prevents the mud and crud from getting up there.

You insert The Fork Cork into the bottom of your steerer tube and from here it acts as a plug. It is very simple to install and there are no tools needed at all, just simply spin the little bronze screw until it’s sitting snug!

For me the best use for the fork cork is to keep everything out of your steerer tube, the amount of filth that covers a bike after a winter ride in the peaks is ridiculous. It may not be essential, but it has to be good keeping the grime out.

Another use for the fork cork is to keep emergency money in it, how fortunate that notes are now made of plastic! They should stay dry though due to the rubber seal that prevents moisture from entering. I played around with what can be kept in and along with money you can stash a Co2 canister, a chocolate snack, and some small Allan keys. Of course they do rattle around a little but I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem if you wrapped them in a sock.

A very good thing to store with the fork cork would be a foil blanket and some plastic money, this way you’re sorted if you find yourself in need of some cash or need to provide someone (or yourself!) with some heat after a fall, or while waiting for any period of time. The fork cork almost becomes a small emergency supply kit!

You can get yourself a fork cork from gone biking mad, I have to give Mark Hudson a shout out for giving us a fork cork to test! This really is a nice little addition to anyone riding in damp winter conditions or anyone who wants to gain an extra bit of storage space!

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