Do you need to lose weight for your riding?

So I had a client in this morning for their first session. Part of this session is getting their nutrition in check. I look at everything they eat through the week. Assess
their habits and build a real picture of what’s letting them down and where they struggle.
Them from there, we decide which areas of their nutrition to work on and improve and put together a day-day nutrition plan.
There was one really interesting habit my client had this morning
that I think you might relate to and find interesting for your
My client had 2 lattes a day.
And they had a drink 5 days a week. 3 days a week they would have a couple of glasses of wine or a beer and 2 days a week they would have a proper drink and have a full bottle of wine.
Quite normal, small habits right?
Lets take a look at the calories involved here…
A large, full fat latte is 200 calories.
2x a day is 400 calories.
7 days a week, that’s 2800 calories a week…just from a latte habit. In other words, about one days full calorie intake just from coffee, every week.
Now onto the alcohol.
A glass of red is about 125 calories
2 glasses at a time, 3 nights a week, is 750 calories.
A bottle of red wine is around 650 calories (or put another way, the same amount as a cheeseburger and fries).
Twice weekly that gives us 1300 calories.
That gives our total alcohol calorie intake at around 2050 calories a week (conservatively)
Adding 2050 calories from the alcohol to 2800 calories from the coffee and we have 4850 calories a WEEK.
To put that in perspective : if we assume an hourly burn of 500 calories mountain biking (varies hugely person-person and ride to ride, but bear with me) then you would have to ride for 9 and a 1/2 hours every week JUST to burn off that alcohol and coffee.
It’s not hard to see how it can be hard to lose weight without
changing your diet too.
The solution for my client –
She’s swapped the lattes for an Americano with milk on the side.
This drops the calories to about 30 per coffee (or only 420 calories a week)
The alcohol intake is dropping to 2 nights a week and drinking a little less when they do drink.
Calories can add up so fast, but with really simple changes you
can cut them down dramatically with only small changes to
your lifestyle
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