The 3 areas for your best riding performance

There’s 3 main factors that have to work in harmony to get the best results on the bike.


Training (both on and off the bike)

And recovery/sleep.

All need to be focused on to get the best results. You could
rate your sleep and your training a 9/10…but if your nutrition
is only a 4/10?

You’ll be far from your potential.

Same with if you are nailing your training and eating great…but
you aren’t taking any rest days and only sleep for 5 hours a night.

To get the best results you need to put an almost equal emphasis on each of these factors.

The best starting point :

Rate yourself out of 10 on all 3 of the above factors.




If all are equal, say a 6/10, then put a goal in place to improve
all of them by one or two points.

Something like this :

Nutrition > Eat 8 portions of veggies everyday

Sleep > Get to bed for 10pm

​​​​​​​Training > Start doing 1x interval training session each week

Those may be your goals. Stick at those for ​​​​​​​2 weeks and then reassess and see where you are up to and set new goals.

It’s STUPID simple – but makes such a key difference

If you are honest, when was the last time you actively assessed those three areas?

Perhaps never?

If you are skewed and you rate one factor WAY lower than
​​​​​​​the other 2 then keep the others the same, and focus on
bringing up that laugging factor.

Making it a focus will really help

This is one of the really simple things I do with clients to help them see BIG changes

Lemme know your thoughts 🙂

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