Depth Perception: London Premiere

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Travis Rice’s new film Depth Perception isn’t just insane snowboarding off some of the most remote peaks in British Columbia, by himself, Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin and Robin Van Gyn.

It also isn’t just a surreal and captivating aerial journey over an almost untouched winter wonderland.

Depth Perception finds a more intimate take on the the journey of snowboarding, it gives real emotional attachment to the riders and portrays the unique connection each rider inherently shares with nature.

This almost ‘home movie’ styled production warmly welcomes you into their exceptional world. It gives us the opportunity to experience some of the finest free riding this planet has to offer; but with these cameras, sometimes from a first person or tandem POV.

I had goosebumps watching at times and found myself shaking my head in disbelief at their board-acious control and skill.

I’m never going to be able to be like Travis or Robin, but this film lets you feel exactly what they feel, at least on some level.

That feeling… is the pursuit of true freedom, being lost in a moment that lasts an hour, of not thinking of anything, of just traveling hell for leather down a mountain face covered in pure powder and losing yourself to ‘free flow’.

It was truly touching to watch.

It has its light hearted moments that will make you laugh and some science that will make you learn; I never realised there was so much  to snow!

But most of all, the  spectacular scenery that almost stuns and makes you want to get the hell away from the dreary run of the rat race and ride a dam Snowboard.

In my opinion his warmest film to date.

The official trailer is available at

Greg Loftus-Boyd

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