3 ways of training to improve your riding fitness

There are 3 main areas you want to work on to improve your fitness on the bike.


Weights/bodyweight training.

General rides

Lets take a look at each of the 3 in today’s email :


​​​​​​​For the best results on the bike you want to be doing some intervals at least​​​​​​​ once a week every week.

Intervals are when you work hard/go fast for a period of time…then take it easy for a period of time, and repeat. So an example may be going as hard as possible on a static bike for 2 minutes at a gear and RPM that makes you really flag for the last 30 seconds.

​​​​​​​Then you would drop the gears and the RPM and recover for 2 minutes.
​​​​​​​And then repeat.

What this does is makes your body have to work at a really high intensity.

​​​​​​​This pushes your body to get fitter and stronger to deal with the increased demands that those hard intervals put your body under.

Weights/bodyweight training

Weights and/or bodyweight training allows you to strengthen your body as a whole, in a balanced way. Riding is inherently imbalanced. You use ​​​​​​​your quads more than your hamstrings for example. You use your lower body much more than your upper. And don’t use the front of your upper body the same as your back. This leads to imbalances and postural issues.

Lifting weights and/or doing bodyweight exercises helps you correct all these making you stronger and fitter on the bike. This is just one of the benefits of weight training…but it’s a big one!

General riding

The next area is obvious, your rides hugely affect your fitness on the bike.

The more you can ride, the further you ride and the more effort you can put in on these rides the better your fitness will be. I know this is obvious, but it’s so easy to get into a rut and to ride the same trails at the same pace​ and​​​and not really improve fitness wise. You need to push yourself and work hard on every ride to really improve your fitness on the bike.

Combine all of these 3 tips and you will be flying!

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