Behind the Cover: October 2017 with Halldor Helgason and Pat Moore

Halldor Helgason graces the front cover and Pat Moore holds down the flip side for the exclusive Vans’ Landline. section in the October 2017 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine, shot by Daniel Bernstal and Aaron Blatt respectively. Check out what went down behind the scenes in order to nail the shots below, and watch the Behind the Cover video to see Halldor get the news above. Don’t forget to check out TransWorld’s latest movie, Arcadia, and pick up a copy of the latest issue for an exclusive look at Vans upcoming movie Landline., an interview with Halldor, plus much more in the second stacked issue of Volume 31!

TransWorld SNowboarding Cover October 2017

One of the hardest working snowboarders out there, Mr. Coverboy himself. PHOTO| Daniel Bernstal

Getting to the spot can sometimes be a struggle. PHOTO| Daniel Bernstal

“I had a couple of days off from other jobs and took the flight to Riksgränsen to hook up with Halldor, Victor Daviet and the BYNDxMDLS boys. Due to bad weather in Riksgränsen we took the RV down to Kiruna which is a small mining town in the northern parts of Sweden. We all went out scoping for spots and “Kuske” and Halldor found an old mine outside the town with different spots in it.

Halldor found this spot where you had to gap over a cave and then in to a super steep wallride. I first shot it with a long lens so you could see what was going on but the spot didn’t look so good from that angle so I decided to go for a more artsy one. I picked up my fisheye and went in to the cave. The cave was really dark so I put a flash in there to lighten it up and add another dimension to the photo. After that I had to throw a lot of snow in to cover the traces from me. When I first saw the photos on the camera I was really excited on how it looked. I remember running over to Halldor showing him the shots to get him pumped after he had taking some heavy slams. He did a couple more tries and then just stomped his cab hardway 270 to the nasty wall/rockride.

Growing up, I read snowboard magazines all the time. Inspired by Swedish photographers like Vincent Skoglund and Anders Neuman. When I Got in to snowboard photogaphy seven years ago I could only dream about getting covers on big magazines, especially TWSNOW. As the mags get fewer it is an honor to have one of my works on the front. Hopefully I can inspire snowboarders and photographers like others have done with me. Keep shredding!” – Daniel Bernstal

Halldor is also excellent at taking heavy slams. PHOTO| Daniel Bernstal

Halldor working on the landing in front of my camerabag. PHOTO| Daniel Bernstal

First try! PHOTO| Daniel Bernstal

“This one was heavy for Pat. FS invert on a mental wind feature up in British Columbia. There was a huge rock formation above the inrun where it would have been more ideal to drop so he had to pick to start from the left or the right. It was probably a good 500 ft. vertical run and with the added door number one or door number two scenario, it was hard to tell the best way into it. Standing under this thing was powerful and from the bottom it was just like looking at a big white wall. Took some figuring out for sure. Once he found it though, it came together pretty quickly. Just in the nick of time too, because the shadow line was creeping down. It all lined up and Pat was right on the money. The highest one on the backdoor of the new TWS.” – Aaron Blatt

Eyeing up the great wall. PHOTO| Aaron Blatt

Door number one or door number two? PHOTO| Aaron Blatt

Cha-ching. PHOTO| Aaron Blatt

Check out the latest issue for more and check out more from TransWorld SNOWboarding online here!

Source: TransWorld SNOWBoarding

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