A simple 6 step way to lose weight for Mountain Biking!

Losing weight is the single best thing you can do to improve your fitness on the Mountain Bike (if you need to lose weight!)
The extra fat makes the climbs harder…
It makes your slower in corners as it takes more effort to manoeuvre the bike where you want it to go…
It slows your acceleration…
Stops you jumping or hopping a high…
And has tons of negative health risks that increase when
you are overweight  (diabetes, heart disease, certain cancer’s
for example)
If you want to be as fit as you can be on the bike now AND you
want to carry on riding into your 60s, 70s and who knows, maybe
even your 80s and 90s then you want to be as fit and as healthy
as you can be now.
Today I want to share a simple way to eat that, after 7 days, you
can sort following to lose weight religiously every week.
It’s painfully simple, but if you stick to it, you will lose weight.
Here’s the 3 step process –
1. Download an app called ‘MyFitnessPal’ (Links : iPhone ,AndroidDesktop)
2a. For the next 7 days add EVERYTHING you eat and drink onto the app including the
weight as accurately as possible (this needs to be everything. From a nibble of chocolate to a full pizza)
2b. When you start this, weigh yourself in the morning and input your weight into the app, do this daily.
3.  After 7 days, add up your total calorie intake for the week and divide it by 7. This will give you your daily average calorie intake.
4a. If your weight has decreased by 1 pound or more in this 7 days then use this number as your daily calorie limit. This is the number of calories you can NOT exceed on a daily basis.
4b. If your weight has stayed the same or increased, then drop this number by 10-20%. This is your new daily calorie limit
5. Input your food daily into the app as you go through the day, ensuring that you never go above your limit.
6. Track your weight daily. You are looking for a 1-2 pound weightloss every 7 days.
This is a mega simple way to lose weight.
You are simply looking at how much you eat at the minute,
and decreasing it.
Now, calorie intake isn’t the only thing you want to consider when it comes to achieving your peak fitness and health. The amount of protein, fats and carbs you eat is really important. As is the amount of nutrients and minerals/vitamins.
BUT…for an easy way to start losing weight NOW, with minimal
input from anyone else this is a great way to start.
As you get used to tracking your weight you can start to look
at WHAT you are eating and whether they are the best foods
for you to be consuming. But just START first.
When you start to see results it will motivate you to continue
So, I challenge you – if you need to lose weight then give this
a go up until christmas.

You’ll be surprised how much you can lose before the big day!
(the benefit of this way as well means when you have christmas do’s etc. you can factor this into your calorie goal for the day)
This is just one way to lose weight. But it works.
p.s. Myfitness pal will give you a calorie goal – ignore this. Just look at what you currently eat then start eating less!
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