2018 Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard Review – Blackboard Experiment with Scotty James

Board 6: Burton Kilroy Custom

In a sea of choices, it can be challenging, if not impossible, to determine which snowboard is the right one for you strap into. That is why SNOWBOARDER Magazine created The Blackboard Experiment, to shine a light on some of the season’s best freestyle snowboards in hopes that when you head to your local shop, you can find a deck that fits your riding, regardless of whether you’re sending 50-footers or hotlapping the old guys’ line.

Scotty James. p: Mike Yoshida

With nine boards to the test in the 2017 edition of The Blackboard Experiment, we tapped Aussie pipe phenom, Scotty James, to put the collection of blank snowboards through the paces. Just as Sage Kotsenburg before him, Scotty doesn’t have a board sponsor, so he can ride anything he wants. The two-time Olympian has medaled at X Games and the US Open, and possesses an innate edge control honed from years riding transition and lapping his home parks of Perisher.

Once again partnering with Mammoth Mountain we had Scotty test out all nine anonymous park boards, rating them in four categories over five days. The scores were tallied at the end in jibbing, jumping, transition, and carving to determine which deck stood out in each category, as well as the overall park destroyer. Check back in the coming days as we announce the different winners as well as the ratings for each deck tested!

Scotty spent a lot of hang time with boards to bring you the most comprehensive board test known to mankind. p: Mike Yoshida

Board 6: Burton Kilroy Custom
Model Length Tested: 158
Additional Lengths: 154
Shape: Directional Twin
Camber: Traditional
Base: Sintered
MSRP: $449.95

Brand Statement:

A new evolution of the most trusted board in the game. Built for riding any and all terrain, the Burton Kilroy Custom takes the attitude and approach of the most trusted board ever and gives it a new unique shape and construction. Better yet, it’s a board that can be thrashed without worries thanks to a recipe that’s high-performance without the price.

– Zachary Nigro, Brand Manager, Burton Snowboards

Blackboard singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. Wrong song. Sick method. p: Huggy

Scotty’s First Impression:

It’s good. It’s pretty directional. Really fun to turn. A little tricky riding switch. A little bit of a learning curve off the bat; I had to change the way I controlled the board. Because of the longer nose on the board you still predict where the board is going to go, but it also makes a lot of decisions for you as well.

Jib Score: 8

It’s pretty fun. I liked how it held a really good line into rails. It’s easy to whip around because the tail is shorter. Because the nose is so long, I feel like you have to put a lot of effort into the nose to get a good press out of it. Overall, it’s a pretty good board. It’s a pretty funky shape but in terms of flex and stuff, it’s really good. I’d be down to go and ride it more on transition probably and probably powder. It wouldn’t be a board I’d grab to go ride rails.

Jump Score: 7

I like how it’s kind has a more directional, bigger nose. Makes it a little tricky doing switch tricks, but it charges through bumps really well and you can keep a consistent line. It was pretty fun to take off of jumps. Really fun board to grab because you can really tweak it and emphasize style. I would say it’s a really stylish board. When you ride it you feel stylish. Landing was stable.

Tranny Score: 8

With the reverse camber it doesn’t quite hold an edge quite as well for the transition. It’s a little bit soft and a little damp for popping in the halfpipe. The reverse camber is not great at the bottom of the transition. It gives too much.

Carve Score: 7.5

Pretty deep side cut. It’s really good for carving. Holds an edge pretty well. It was good through the snakerun. It held really well in and out of turns and through the bumps. It cuts through slush pretty well. It’s really nice, holds its edge really well in aggressive, deep turns. It’s a good riding-the-mountain-groomers board. Good all around board for the park.

Overall Score: 31

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Source: Snowboarder.com

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