Review: Nox Sox

Here is something a little different to my usual Ride-Up contribution, today I am reviewing the Nox Sox pedal covers by Gone Biking Mad. The idea behind the Nox Sox is to stop your pedals from scratching your car and other bikes when you are driving around, both inside your car and on a bike rack.

Here is a little bit of history and information about Gone Biking Mad. Mark Hudson started the company in 2002 in New Milton, Hampshire, they develop a great selection of Components and Accessories. They started selling items online and have some seriously cool kit for sale it is well worth a look! Gone Biking Mad is also keen to work with manufacturers who want to export to the UK and Europe so drop them a message if you are keen.

Now then, back to the Nox Sox. They are made from a high quality neoprene material that feels very durable against the pins you find on pedals. In order to keep the covers on the pedals they have two poppers that have a solid ‘pop’ to them to ensure they don’t fall off in transit (reassuring when on a bike rack). Although the poppers are solid the covers are very easy to put on and off making them very convenient. They retail for £19.99 and for the protection that they provide they are a very good value product.

So, how well do they work? It was time to fit them to my bike and unfortunately as I run clipless pedals the covers didn’t properly fit, however I did find that I could put them over the pedals and cranks in order to get a snug fit. I actually found the protection from the Nox Sox very useful when it came to loading the car.

I went out for a ride and came back covered in mud, I threw the Nox Sox back on my bike and in the car, not only do they protect your car they help to keep it a little cleaner than it otherwise would be.

So to summarise, I feel the Nox Sox are a brilliant product that works well with both flat and clipless pedals. They really do protect your car from pedal damage and as an added bonus they help contain a bit of mud from those extra muddy rides, well worth £19.99 and it supports a UK based company!

I hope you liked this review, keep an eye out for more reviews in the future. Here is a link to my latest Ride-Up and another link to my first video Ride-Up. Much more coming in the future so stay tuned!

Ed: Mark of Gone Biking Mad has told us clipless versions are in the works and should be available soon.

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