I got told to f**k off

My vision with MTB Fitness is simple. I want to help Mountain Bikers enjoy riding more through getting fitter, getting stronger and through losing weight. My page is here for those who want to improve themselves. Who are committed to getting better, who are committed to losing weight (if they need to). Who want to eat better and train harder. And for those who want straight talking and honest motivation and advice.

One thing I refuse to do is pussy-foot around the truth. If you are overweight and you want to improve your fitness, then losing weight is the NUMBER ONE thing you can do to improve your fitness on the bike. There is no way around it. Now…if you are happy with your current fitness levels.

If you are happy with your weight.

And you are happy with your speed and strength on the bike.

Then I honestly don’t think my page and business will help you.
My page is here for those who DO want to improve and who want honesty. Those easily offended and those who don’t really care about self improvement and don’t want honesty will probably hate me and hate my page. I’m cool with that. 

You probably saw my post on Wednesday “It doesn’t matter how light your bike, is if you are overweight”. If you read the status attached to the photo you probably totally get where I’m coming from with that post. It’s my most popular (and also most controversial) post to date. It spoke the truth : weight you lose from yourself will have a MASSIVE benefit on the trails and on your fitness.
That post went mini-viral.

My posts are usually seen by 10-15,000 people. A few big pages shared it and it got seen by 150,000 people and counting! 700 people liked my page from that post in 24 hours. Those people got it. Those people know that losing weight will improve their fitness on the bike TONS.

Some people who don’t follow my page didn’t ‘get it’ and went off on rants without really reading the post or taking time to understand it. I’ve never been called a cu*t or told to f*ck off so much in a two day period!

So is the way with social media…I can take the abuse. I post straight talking, controversial posts that I KNOW will offend and upset some people (which often comes out as anger from said people on social media).

The thing is it is SO worth taking that abuse from those who DON’T get it…because those like you who DO GET IT will use the advice and motivation to lose weight and to get fitter on the bike.

They’ll use the motivation to train harder and to get fitter. They’ll start eating better and they will lose weight. And subsequently they will enjoy riding more.

THOSE are the people my page and my business is here to help.

I’m never going to change.

I’m never not going to tell the truth.

And I am absolutely NOT going to sugar coat honest advice that you need to hear.


Because those like you who are committed to improving will read my advice. Sometimes it will motivate you. Sometimes it will make you feel good. Sometimes it will hurt like f*ck. Honesty hurts sometimes. But those same people will use that advice. They will use that kick in their teeth. And they will train harder and harder to get fitter and faster on the bike.

If you want straight talking advice and motivation on how to lose weight, get fitter, get stronger and get faster on the bike then you should follow my page.

If you want someone to skirt around the truth. If you want someone to hold your hand and make you feel better. And if you are happy being overweight and you don’t want to improve your fitness on the bike then I say this with complete sincerity – you should probably not like my page or follow my daily emails. I honestly don’t think it will help you.

To those who follow my page and my daily emails, thankyou! I appreciate you and it’s a pleasure to help you in anyway I can. Thanks a million and keep being awesome.

To those who do get it I say one thing :

40% ✌️

Keep riding hard.

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