How To: Choose Your Board

How To: Choose Your Board

Words| Ben Gavelda Illustration| Shawn O’Keefe

People that say picking the right board can make or break your winter are wrong. As long as you are strapped in sideways and going downhill, you are going to have a good time. That being said, picking the right board CAN make your winter exponentially more fun and allow you to leave all your friends in your powdery dust, so check out this extremely scientific chart on how to select the best snowboard for you.

Step 1: Look at Setup Selector

Step 2: Pick Your Line

 How To Find And Fit The Right Snowboard For You TransWorld SNOWboarding Ask The Dude Ben Gavelda

There are close to 1,200 boards, boots, and bindings in our annual Gear Guide, and unless you’re down for lobbing a dart and seeing what model it lands on, use this throwback chart from the good ol’ days to figure out which setup is right for you.

Arcadia Transworld Snowboarding
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