Why Mountain Bikers Should Lift Weights

When I polled over 1000 Mountain Bikers, I found only about 30% regularly lift weights. It’s such a shame because lifting weights has so So SO many benefits when it comes to Mountain Biking. I’m going to explore just some of them in this article, with the hope that if you don’t currently lift weights you will consider joining the gym and lifting regularly!

Increased bone density

Lifting weights increases bone density. This means it’s awesome for keeping things like Arthritis and Osteoporosis at bay…but it also means your body can take a beating more on the bike. Lifting weights strengthens not only your bones but also your tendons and ligaments. This means if (when) you fall off the bike you are MUCH less likely to seriously injure yourself

More muscle mass

It doesn’t take a genius to know that lifting weights makes you build muscle. But did you know that for every pound of muscle you have you burn an extra 10-12 calories per day. Those really add up! It means that the more muscle you have…the leaner you are going to stay.

Increased power

Lifting weights increases your power meaning you can hop higher, jump further, explode out of the corners faster and all round just have more explosive power on the bike. If you want to be fast and athletic on the bike this is a HUGE benefit

Improve posture

Riding makes your posture worse…NOT better. You get tight hamstrings, tight hips, internally rotated shoulders, the list can go on. If you have an office job then this will be even worse. Lifting weights can help correct this poor posture meaning you will look and feel better and be WAY less likely to injure yourself

More strength = more efficiency

The stronger you get, through lifting weights, the more efficient you will be on the bike. Your body will literally find it easier to pedal up the hills meaning that you can go further with less effort. Win, win!

I could go on. There are literally hundreds of benefits to lifting weights to improve your riding.

There’s a reason EVERY Pro-MTBer lifts weights.

Why not try it yourself? You’ll feel the benefits I promise you

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  1. As a manual worker, i do lift’s as a constant thing, so my upper body seems to be i alright shape, so the thing i’v changed is my ride to work, i only have about 2 miles to go, but instead of using my mountain bike, i’v switched it for a BMX, i’d recomend this to anyone, you will start to feel the benifits, jelly legs when ya start ya shift, its wicked ?

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