ShredMate – Strava on Steroids?

We all love Strava in the Dialled Office; we’re not exactly the “Stravasshole” types you might have seen around, but the ability to log your rides, keep tabs on the amount of riding you’re doing and see how fast you went are always part of a post ride examination. However, with Strava, there has always been a feeling that it’s primarily aimed at roadies, that Mountain Bikers were an afterthought, step forward the ShredMate.

According to the press release, ShredMate is the first bike computer speed sensor developed purely for mountain biking. The small ShredMate sensor attaches to your forks and connects directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth low energy to track your ride on the ShredMate app. By combining a motion sensor and algorithms, ShredMate gives you exciting new information about your riding:

TRACKS AND MEASURES YOUR JUMPS– ShredMate locates, tracks and measures your jump air time – and landing g force. By training to reduce your landing g force, ShredMate makes you a smoother rider.

TRACKS G FORCE– ShredMate detects peak g forces – tight corners, g-outs (and even the odd crash!). ShredMate displays these g forces on the map.

DETECTS ROUGH TRAILS– ShredMate automatically detects when you’re riding a rough trail. ShredMate lets you view each trail separately, so that you can easily view detailed telemetry for the sections of your ride that matters the most.

EASILY SEE HOW FAST YOU RIDE, JUST LOOK AT THE MAP– ShredMate shows your route as a trace that changes colour depending on how fast you go. Red for Fast, Green for Slow.

ShredMate launched on Kickstarter on 29th August – you can click here to back the project. Pricing for early birds starts from £50.

If we manage to get hold of a test unit, we’ll be posting up a review on these pages as soon as possible.

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