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I don’t do much full face riding these days and I’ve never really quite got my head around the enduro look of open face and goggles outside the EWS.  But after an off-season of steamed up glasses, or mud in the eyes, I bit the bullet last winter and went for a pair of goggles. I did a fair bit of research first and decided on the Smith Squad (Semenuk edition).

They are a little on the large side in the frame but fit nicely in all my lids and the strap is plenty wide enough which comes with a rubberised inside so they don’t slip around on the helmet.   They arrived with 2 sets of lenses, both are vented, one is clear and the other is a red photochromic. The majority of the time I have ridden in the red lens and they give great depth to your vision.  They also appear to brighten up dark and shaded sections, which makes it easier to pick out lines through technical sections when the light isn’t bright through the woods.

The lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating, which works well in all but the most humid and misty of conditions.   I’ve only really found the goggles to steam up when climbing or pushing back up trails as they have an open top platform so plenty of ventilation.  The Squads are specifically designed for biking with a combination of open top design and vented lenses they clear fog on the move very quickly.

I’ve genuinely been impressed with these goggles and as such have found myself using them more than I thought I would have, despite my views on the enduro look. That said they’re not perfect.  I have scratched both lenses by wiping mud off them with my gloves, which shouldn’t in my mind be happening this easily with googles at this price point.  My Oakley glasses have fared up against this type of abuse and remained unscathed over the last 3 years, so the durability of the lenses here is a bit questionable.  That said the scratches are small and haven’t really resulted in obstructed vision, but for a pair of goggles that are almost double the cost of a pair of Fox or Oakley’s I would have liked a bit more resistance to scratching.   They do come with a bag for storage and cleaning, but this has also resulted in further scratches after they have got mud on them.

The Smith Squad Semenuk Goggle retail for approx £65

Smith Squad Semenuk Goggles
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The Good

Great lenses

Good fit

Brilliant looks

The Bad


Scratch too easily

Haven’t resulted in me riding like Semenuk

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