How to suffocate negative thoughts on the climbs this weekend

How do you talk to yourself on a tough climb?

Think back to a tough climb recently where you were blowing out of your arse and your legs and lungs were on fire.

What was your self talk like?

What were you saying to yourself?

I’m far from the best descender. But I’m proud of being a good climber. I will keep going and going and going when I hurt and when I want to stop.

One thing I’m super conscious of on the tough climbs is my self talk.

I’ll repeat to myself, often out loud, over and over and over and
over and over and over and over the same phrase, or series of phrases.

If you could jump inside my head (or often be next to me) on a climb when I started to struggle you would hear

“Keep going”

“Keep going”

“keep spinning”

“Get to the next rock”

“Come on”

“Come on”

“Come on”


“40% done”

“You’ve got more”

“Come on”

“Keep spinning”

“Keep going”

“You got it”


“Come on”


“Come on”

And I will literally talk to myself like that, in my head if it’s busy
or out loud if no ones around, until I reach the top of the climb.

Not ONCE will I let myself think I can’t do it. Or let negative self talk creep in. Part of stopping negative beliefs and thoughts coming into your head is DROWNING it with positive thoughts.

You can’t let negative thoughts come in if you are repeating positive things over and over. The negative won’t have a gap to come in.

I promise you, anyone who is good at climbing has this nailed.

Climbing is just as much about the mental game as it is the physical fitness. A mentally strong rider can beat a fitter rider with a crap mindset all the time.

The riders who are fit on the climbs…and who get fitter are those who get there mental talk dialled. They don’t consider stopping. They focus on the goal – the top of the hill

Remember –

When you think you are finished. Your body is only 40% done.


Repeat it on the next climb this weekend.

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