A simple way to get motivated

We all suffer with poor motivation every now and again.

Whether its a lack of motivation to ride.

A lack of inspiration to put the effort in when you do ride and the feeling you just want to ‘take it easy’

Or wanting to eat crap and not stick to a healthy diet.

Well today I have a tip for you which i’ve used myself to give you a way to really boost your motivation.

Sign up to an event!

I’ve signed up for the Grizedale Mountain Bike Challenge in September. It’s a 32 mile challenge with 4200ft of climbing.

(I got offered free tickets)

I’m doing it with a couple of mates.

Having an event like this really helps you focus.

I’m away for 2 weeks in August so it’s making me really want to train hard this week and next week…and then to get straight back into training and hit it hard when I get back from my break for the 10 days before it.

As well as this I’m going to make sure I keep my fitness up when on holiday by doing 2 or 3 rides on a static bike in the hotel gym and workouts to keep my fitness up.

It’s also making me watch what I eat because I’m conscious I don’t want to put on any weight before it.

Sometimes a lack of any real tangible goal can mean you struggle to get fully motivated because you have no REASON to be motivated.

An event like this to work towards really helps you stay focused and committed to your training.

I’ve set similar goals in the past, such as running Tough Mudder.

I strongly recommend you consider signing up to an event like this to keep you focused and to have a real goal to work towards.

If you are already entered, or you sign up, do be sure to let me know as it would be cool to say hi and get a photo for the page at the event 🙂

You can have a look at the GMBC here if you fancy :


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