3 ways to find the time to train and ride with children

This email is for all the mum and dad riders out there.

Today we’ve been looking after Luna, our Niece, for the day. It’s inspired me to write an email on how you find the time to train and ride with kids.

But first…one thing :

You have two choices when you have kids. Neither are wrong, neither are right, they are just decisions you have to decide between.

1 – you can wait until your kids have grown up, left the house, or are old enough to take care of themselves and THEN start working on your fitness and nutrition and accept you probably won’t see massive/any improvements in your fitness and riding technique for the next 5, 10 or 15 years.


2 – commit to making the most of any time you DO have and to work hard to come to arrangements/manage your time to squeeze in workouts and rides and really work hard in them when you DO get the chance.

If you are reading this email then chances are you want to be in group 2…but you struggle to find that time.
Well here’s 3 tips to find the time to ride and train every week, I know they aren’t ideal/take effort but if you want to get as fit as you can be while having kids you are going to have to work hard at it, both physically and mentally :

1 – Partner up

If your other half isn’t on side with your training/riding you are screwed. Try to come to an arrangement with your other half to have the time to ride and then reciprocate.
They might look after the kids on Monday nights for 3 hours and YOU look after them for 3 hours on Wednesdays.

That way you get ride time…and your other half gets time to do whatever they want to do.

2 – Carpe Diem

Seize the day! Or more to the point – seize every minute you have. It might be 30 minutes before the kids wake up, or 60 minutes after they go to bed. Seize that time and squeeze in a workout at home, an interval session on the trainer or a quick ride.

You need to make the most of the little time you do have. If there is time to sit on the sofa and watch Top Gear…there’s time to workout or ride.

3 – don’t make excuses

Inevitably when I send an email like this I get replies or comments on Facebook from people saying ‘just wait till you have kids’ or ‘you don’t get it’ or ‘it isn’t that easy’

That’s great. It might make you feel better making those excuses or having that moan…but it isn’t going to get you fitter. It’s just going to keep you where you are. If you really want to get fitter on the bike you need to BAN excuses and stop that voice dead in your head when you can feel yourself bull-shitting.

Partner up.

Seize the day.

And ban any excuses.

Do that and you’ll find you can make the time to improve your fitness despite having kids.

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