3 ways to ensure you don’t lose focus on your rides

When I first got back into riding a couple of years ago I found a lot of my crashes were caused by small, stupid mistakes, because I had lost focus and concentration.

To perform at your best on the bike, whether that be on the descents or on technical climbs or traverses, you need to keep your concentration.

The minute you start to lose concentration you make silly mistakes…poor line choices…and become reactive rather than proactive on the bike.

Here’s 3 ways to ensure you keep your concentration and focus when on the bike :

1. Food

Nutrition is super important when it comes to keeping your focus on the bike. Make sure you eat every 30ish minutes when you ride for anymore than 90 minutes.

When your blood sugar levels dip you’ll find a real drop in energy, motivation and concentration levels. Staying well fed and keeping your blood sugar levels up is super

2. Hydration

The brain is made from around 70% water. You need to stay hydrated to have full concentration. You’ll have noticed yourself – when you get dehydrated its hard to think straight and hold a conversation…never mind ride a bike on tough trails!

Drink 1+ litres of water per hour of riding (more or less depending on the conditions) and remember to add electrolytes. Water won’t hydrate you alone if you are sweating over a long ride.

3. Rest

If you are planning an al day ride, factoring in a few shorts rests can really help keep your energy and concentration up.

How often you rest is largely personal…but make sure you do factor them in. The more tired you get, the less your concentration is going to be. Taking short rests can help combat this

Those 3 tips will really help keep your concentration and focus up!

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