9 Summer Styles For Snowboard Chicks

Above: Yuka Fujimori, Jamie Anderson, Jess Rich, Cheryl Maas, Spencer O’Brien, and Enni Rukajarvi lounging on top of a jump in Sunshine Village. | Photo: Erin Hogue 

Warm weather means we can no longer depend on the hoodie and leggings cop-out. To help you keep your look dialed, we rounded up nine worthy summer products for all the snowboard girls looking for new styles this summer.

Volcom Dittybopper Pants

MSRP $33.00

Loose and light, these pants will have you feeling summertime free. They’re easy to throw on over a bathing suit and thin enough to hike in without getting overheated. Fun and flowy is the style of the season, ladies. Shop here.

Good Worth Legs Snapback

MSRP $36.00

If the shoes make the man, then hat makes the woman. Good Worth hats are colorful, have rad designs, and fit nicely on a tiny head. If your outfit is almost perfect but there’s just something missing, pop this lid on and see how you feel. It’ll start your day off with the confidence needed to undertake any summer adventure that comes your way. Shop here.

Stance Kay Knee High Socks

MSRP $16.00

Embrace your inner ‘70s skate style with Stance knee high socks. These bad boys cover a multitude of bases: you can pair ‘em with a big hoodie for a lounge night, dress them up with some tall boots for a night on the town, or take after skateboard legend Ellen O’Neal and sport them for summer playtime. Style for days. Shop here.

Dang Fenton Shades

MSRP $35.00

Picking between wearing a hat or sunglasses is the worst. With circular frames from Dang Shades, that’s no issue. These sunglasses fit cleanly under any hat or beanie and most importantly, allow your hair to do its thing with no interruption. Shop here.

Vans x Peanuts Coaches Jacket

MSRP $64.50

Vans and Peanuts have done it again. Snoopy-approved, this coaches jacket will serve as a steady reminder of the simple wisdom Peanuts comic strips hold, and the lightweight material makes it the staple top layer for warm summer nights. Charlie Brown did say it best, “What’s the good of living if you don’t try a few things?” That’s why we do what we do, right? Shop here.

Airblaster Stay Wild Crew

MSRP $38.99

Retro colors and wiggly lines scream, “I know how to party.” This crew neck is the quintessential item for the spring and summertime party boarder. Rock it at any summer spot, and you’re sure to leave with new friends. No hood, no hassle. Shop here.

Old Skool Vans

MSRP $60.00

Everyone deserves a quality pair of summer kicks. Yellow is the color of sunshine, the album Ramones Mania, and the base of Noah Salasnek’s first Sims pro model, so you get to think about that every time you slip on these Vans. Talk about starting the day off on the right foot. Shop here.

Jetpack Rocket Science 5-Panel

MSRP $20.00

Support girls doing rad shit. The Jetpack crew represents a new era of female riders not defining themselves by their gender but simply as snowboarders. They are their own badass selves without apology, having more fun than anyone else on the mountain and progressing snowboarding to new heights with every Instagram edit or video part that drops. Not only does this hat embody a platform worth standing for, it looks super cool, too. Shop here.

O’Neill Boarder Plus Backpack

MSRP $78.00

Summer days tend to consist of leaving home in the morning and not really knowing what to expect the rest of the day. Sometimes it’s swimming, sometimes it’s hiking, partying, or just chilling at your homies house talking about what to do. You want to be prepared for anything – keep all the goods in one place with this O’Neill backpack. It’s got a simple design and enough room to hold everything from your skateboard to your flip flops to your solo cups. Shop here.

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Source: TransWorld SNOWBoarding

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