7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dads Who Rip

Above: Marko and Max Grilc enjoy a warm day on the Dachstein Glacier | Photo: Denis Janezic

It may be the year of the dad bod and the dad hat, but there are plenty of other ways dads can stand out. We rounded up six Father’s Day gift ideas for the dudes in your life who want to keep their style going all summer long.

Volcom- Beer Drop Tank

MSRP $22.00

Dad bods are in, and there may never be a better time to buy a sleeveless shirt for your old man. For the beer-loving America enthusiast, this tank is the best way for your dad to show off his guns and feel good about what he’s rocking underneath. Shop here.

Von Zipper- League Polarized Sunglasses

MSRP $170.00

These shades will give your ‘ole pops cool-dad status but keep him looking appropriately fatherly. They may look like standard issue at the local cop shop, but they’re stylish, trust us. Shop here.

Coal- The Rio Hat

MSRP $40.00

This hat is a triple threat—it looks good, blocks the sun from every angle, and disguises bald-headed fathers. Whether you have a party dad wanting to barbecue through the sunny summer days, or just a guy who wants to mow his lawn without worrying about a sunburn, this lid will work. Shop here.

Vans- Houser Buttondown

MSRP $44.50

Chic, suave, and timeless – a gift like this one will make your father proud. Not to mention, mom will be thrilled to stunt such a stately man on her arm during date night. Shop here.

Stance- Ryder USA Socks

MSRP $18.00

For “balling on a budget” gift-givers, a pair of socks will never disappoint. This particular pair represents the Ryder Cup, and who loves golf more than dads? Match these up with that Volcom tank and your dads got a full 4th of July kit already prepared. Shop here.

Yeti- Hopper Two 20 Cooler

MSRP $299.99

Make your father’s beer belly proud with this indestructible, portable Yeti cooler. Perfect for the hunting dad, the fishing dad, or the dad who just likes to run things over in his Jeep. Summertime beach day or winter road trip, pops is going to be stoked. Shop here.

Burton- BRTN Crew

MSRP $47.96

Ever heard the saying “less is more”? For the OG dad who just likes to keep it simple, the clean look of this Burton crew neck makes it suitable for any occasion. Shop here.

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