4 tips to planning your training week

Most riders just ride.

A few times a week they will head out on the bike and just
go for a ride

This is fine.

The more you ride, the fitter you get. And if you are consistently
riding every week you should be seeing improvements in
your fitness.

But you could make your week so much more focused
and structured to give you the best results.

Here’s 5 tips for planning your training week for the best
results :

1. Focus on your weakest area

We naturally gravitate to what we are good at and comfortable
at and avoid what we find challenging and what we find difficult.

As riders though, we need to really push ourselves to do more
of what we suck at.

If you suck at hills…plan in some dedicated hill reps.

If you suck at steep descents…schedule some steep
descent repeats.

If you suck at jumping…go find some trails with tons
of jumps to practice.

Rather than staying in your comfort zone, schedule in
the type of riding or training that you know you need
to work on. Bring up your weakest link and you’ll improve
as a rider as a whole.

2. Plan your week

Everyone has busy lives.

The best way to make sure you fit in all your intervals, rides,
weights sessions and base miles is to plan it in advance.

Open your diary and put all your appointments in (work appt’s, doctors
appt’s, family meals etc.) then you can see exactly what time you
have free. From there schedule in your rides and training
sessions so you know exactly what you are doing and when.

Then stick to it!

Tip : you can also invite your other half to have access to this
diary so they can see your plans for the week and know when
you plan to ride.

3. Have a well balanced week.

This is going to vary massively from person to person, but
lets say you are the type of person who can train/ride 4x
per week.

Rather than riding 4 times per week, you may want to do 2 proper
rides, 1x interval session on the hills and then 1x weight session.

Doing this will get you much better results than just riding 4 times
per week.

Again, this varies from person-person and depending on
what your goals are – but planning in different types of training
will hugely help

4. Spread out your rides and training sessions

You will get the best results if you have some
recovery time between sessions. Rather than
doing all 4 training sessions (for example) back
to back and then resting for 3 days try and
spread them out.

You may train/ride Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and
Sunday. This way you have a few rest days between
rides/training sessions to allow better recovery.
Hopefully these tips help. Remember – the main thing
is to PLAN your week ahead. Do this and you’ll see much
better results (and find you end up training and riding
much more consistently) than if you just trained/rode
ad hoc through the week.

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