Mammoth Mountain’s Monumental Season : Views from the 614”+ Winter

Winter 2016-2017 has been good to Mammoth Mountain. In fact, it’s been one the best seasons the California resort has had in years; perhaps maybe even ever. The resort received numerous dumps throughout the season with big snowfalls happening early in November all the way through May. Now, as most all other resorts are closed down for the season, Mammoth continues to chug along, with a snowpack that still feels like mid-winter.

The resort has received over 614” inches as of May 10th, and the depth at the summit is still over 300”. With this much snow and conditions still so good, Mammoth is planning to stay open past the Fourth of July and well into August.

Currently, Snowboarder Mag’s Superpark 21 is going off at Mammoth, and the world’s best riders are throwing down on behemoth features sculpted with actual tons of snow. The mega snowfall Mammoth has had this season definitely helped with the build process of these monsters.

For the stats on this season and just how big this snow year has been, we reached out to Mammoth for the scoop.

There’s still over 300″ of snow at the summit, and over 150″ at the base. Photo: Peter Morning

When was Mammoth’s first big dump this season, and how many inches was it?
Snow really started to come down in December this year (75 inches for the month) in one huge period (12.14 – 12.15)  over 56″ fell. 

What was the single biggest storm total Mammoth had this year?
In early January we got that absolute whopper with 7+ Feet that really got the month rolling. January set the record for snowfall in a month in Mammoth, with 245.5″.

How does this year compare to last year?
Last year was a good year, 362″ total, but obviously this year was a different animal: 609.5″ and counting. 

For much of the season, this sign was coated in white. Photo: Peter Morning

Is it safe to safe that this is one of the best season’s Mammoth’s had in the past five years?
2010-11 set the record, with 668.5″ but outside of that this is the most snow the mountain has ever received, and the sustained base this year in a lot of ways made it a bigger year than 2010-11. It sure feels like there’s more snow this year than ever before.

When is projected closing date?
Don’t have a projected closing date, but we’ll be open through at least July 4, likely into August .

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Source: TransWorld SNOWBoarding

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